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Funeral Ceremony Writing Services Worldwide

Storyteller. Writer.
Ceremony Expert.

A good ceremony is
moving and healing.

Ceremonies embodying
love and life stories.



With well over 200 wedding ceremonies written and officiated for couples from around the world under my belt, I am now offering my writing services for weddings to the world. I’ll develop and write distantly a personal ceremony that recognizes your unique personalities, tells your story, and brings your vision of the wedding ceremony to life. My signature? Unique wedding ceremonies that evoke laughter, and happy tears through meaningful and heartfelt storytelling.

I will provide unlimited email consultation while creating the ceremony until full satisfaction over its content; you have final approval over the wedding ceremony script.


Not sure how to go about writing a eulogy? You’ve got tons of things to say. Or maybe just a few. Emotions are high. One thing you’re certain about, is that you do need help putting your thoughts into words. Someone who will hear and understand the deeper meaning in your stories about your loved one, and will be able to pull out the essence of the deceased in an insightful soul-sketch – that’s how we like to call a good eulogy.

I will create a beautiful tribute for your loved one, one that will touch the ear before it touches everyone’s heart.

Funeral - Writing a eulogy
Funeral writing or Memorial writing


Dreading the cold and empty funeral? You know, the one that makes you feel disconnected, because it’s so generic. I can help you to say goodbye to your loved one in a way that is meaningful, by writing an uplifting and healing funeral or memorial ceremony. What’s more, the full ceremony script won’t be as overwhelming to deliver for the speaker, because it will focus on your loved one life stories and how he/she will be remembered.

I will create a true celebration of life for your loved one, and insightful storytelling – even on a very short deadline.


I’m a mom of two. A dog and a cat. Our pet companions share our daily lives in a way that no one else does. Coping with the loss of a treasured, cherished animal friend is beyond difficult, made even harder sometimes by some relatives’ detachment. Whether you choose burial or cremation for your pet’s final disposition, or go through the heartbreaking decision of putting him/her to sleep, holding some kind of ritual or a short ceremony for your pet will alleviate the immense grief you feel.

I will help you design your pet funeral ceremony so that you can let go of the grief and celebrate the sweet memories.

Dog Funeral Writing Services
Funeral writing - Ceremony of Disposition


Whatever your circumstances, a burial or disposition of the ashes ceremony is your final goodbye to your loved one. It will often be held more privately than the funeral, and you want to make sure that the writing and words spoken truly honour the deceased and his/her legacy. You also want a place – whether physical, or in your mind, to visit when you need to land your grief.

I will help you create a safe space where you can connect deeply with each other and with the person you are missing, and find comfort in a powerful, heartfelt ceremony and remembrance rituals.


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Officiating Destination Weddings & Elopements in France
Delivering Ceremony Scripts Worldwide
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