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Wedding Officiant based in France
Crafting Personal Wedding Ceremonies in English
Together We Can Create The Wedding Ceremony You Want for Your Destination Wedding or Elopement in France + all over Europe

























Hi, I’m Nelly! I am a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® since 2014. Having worked twenty years overseas – half of which as an elopement/destination wedding officiant, I decided to move back to France. So I am now based in Auvergne-France. It is conveniently centrally located from any and all popular destination wedding locations in France, and in Europe. 

Will you be marrying at a Paris wedding venue, in a castle in the Loire Valley,  or marrying in Provence? Or will you be traveling to other European destination wedding locations such as Lake Como in Italy, the Amalfi Coast? Marrying in Santorini in Greece? Marrying in Ireland, Spain, or Portugal? I’ll meet you there. 

With a background in hotels and the travel industry, I am very familiar with working out-of-town. I enjoy meeting my couples in new places every time. And because I am a former destination wedding planner myself, I also know what it takes to plan the most perfect destination wedding overseas.


From The Most Formal To The Most Adventurous Stylish Destination Weddings and Elopements in France ~ Europe


Adventure seekers? If you’ll be eloping in a remote place in Europe, looking for breathtaking views, I’m 200% up for joining in the adventure. Hiking before sunrise for a mountain-top wedding? Count me in. Officiating your wedding ceremony down a waterfall, I am game. A winter elopement in the snow? My favorite!

It’s okay if you’d rather be exchanging vows in the privacy of a historical mansion, in a Parisian luxury hotel, or with the most gorgeous French castle in the background.

Whatever your vision of the perfect wedding scenery, together we will create the wedding ceremony you want for your destination wedding or elopement in France or in Europe.





Seasoned Wedding Officiant Based in France Officiating Heartfelt Wedding and Vow Renewal Ceremonies since 2014


  • I am a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community and a supporter of Marriage Equality. I will always advocate for my couples, regardless of their gender(s) or sexual orientation.
  • In France, a wedding ceremony must be held before the Mayor (or a rep’) at the City Hall to be deemed legal. Residency at the location is a requirement for at least one of the partners for the couple to be able to legally marry in France. An exception would be if one of your parents lives in France. So any celebrant/officiant wedding ceremony in France is a celebratory ceremony, not legally recognized. My couples typically get the legal part done either before their trip, or upon returning home.
  • I’ll be traveling to any location in France or in Europe by train or by plane, included in my fees. Transportation from the train station or local airport to the final destination and/or the wedding venue, and back to the train/airport, is the only charge that comes extra. No hidden or unexpected cost. 


Nelly Grange Ceremonies





Storyteller. Writer.
Ceremony Expert.

Wedding ceremonies
that evoke laughter and happy tears.

Ceremonies embodying
love and life stories.

Nelly Grange is a destination wedding officiant based in France - Europe.


As a former destination wedding planner, I know what it takes to plan the perfect wedding ceremony for a destination wedding in France. I trained and certified as a Life-Cycle Wedding Celebrant® back in 2014. While I always declined to take on both planning a destination wedding, and being my couple’s wedding officiant for the bigger celebrations, I was always thrilled to step in as the wedding officiant for the smaller gatherings.

My reasoning? Overseeing the production of an event such as a destination wedding with 20-100+ attending guests is no small task. You can’t be coordinating a reception setup one minute, and delivering the perfect wedding ceremony before that many people the next. Being a wedding officiant for a destination wedding requires a lot of prep’ work, and centering on the day.

So with Nelly Grange Ceremonies, I no longer plan events but exclusively focus on being the ceremony officiant for my couples. That allows me to travel to and officiate at destination weddings everywhere in France.

Being a wedding officiant in France is my day job. No detail or question is too small, and you can bet on my responsiveness.


What You Can Expect


My expertise as a former destination wedding planner, and understanding of the overall flow of the day, will give you the smoothest, most relaxed and stress-free planning experience for your destination wedding ceremony in France.

With well over 200 wedding ceremonies written and officiated for couples from around the world under my belt, I am the experienced English-speaking wedding officiant you need for your French destination wedding.

I’ll develop and write a personal ceremony that recognizes your unique personalities, tells your story, and brings your vision of the perfect wedding ceremony to life. My signature? Unique wedding ceremonies that evoke laughter, and happy tears through meaningful and heartfelt storytelling.


Back when I started my journey as an elopement wedding officiant, I immediately identified a need for bespoke wedding ceremonies. There was no way I would do the dreaded one-size-fits-all template wedding script. And you don’t have to settle for a less-than-perfect ceremony for your elopement in Europe, either.

I know eloping in Europe or more generally eloping overseas can be quite overwhelming. Going the popular route and booking through a local venue or vendor can appear as the safest option. We have all heard of those wedding vendors using the same ceremony text over and over again though, only swapping names in the template, et voilà!

Your wedding ceremony is what this day is all about, and should be celebrating YOU. It should be celebrating YOUR unique love story.

I trained and certified as a Life-Cycle Wedding Celebrant® back in 2014. From then on, I have been working full-time as an elopement wedding officiant. In that first decade being a wedding officiant, I have been writing and performing personal elopement ceremonies for well over 200 couples from around the world indeed.

I now mostly work with couples eloping in Europe. I am based in France, and I also travel to Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, wherever you are.


What You Can Expect


I don’t fill in the blanks, and never template my ceremonies. As your officiant for your European elopement, I am deeply committed to creating the most memorable and unique wedding ceremony for you.

The words spoken, the vows exchanged, and the overall flow and atmosphere of the ceremony will perfectly reflect not just your beliefs, but your vision too. 

I will make sure your love story is at the center of your celebration.

Nelly Grange is an elopement wedding officiant based in France - Europe.


Header Santorini ceremony photo © Photography Timeless

Tupai Beach ceremony photos © Lukas Piatek


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Officiating Destination Weddings & Elopements in France ~ Europe
Delivering Ceremony Scripts Worldwide
Weddings and Funerals Writing Services
+33 (0)609860497

Officiating Destination Weddings & Elopements in France ~ Europe
Delivering Ceremony Scripts Worldwide
Weddings and Funerals Writing Services