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It is not crazy to research pet funeral ideas for your dog or your cat, and what sort of pet funeral services are available. Not crazy at all. Whether you choose burial or cremation for your pet’s final disposition after he or she has passed, or have to go through the heartbreaking decision of putting him/her to sleep, and want to make this distressing and how-so-saddening moment a little more bearable – holding some kind of ritual or a short ceremony for your pet will alleviate the immense grief you feel.


Rituals And Funeral Ceremonies For Your Pets Pet Funeral Services To Honor Your Best Friend


Our pet companions share our daily lives in a way that no one else does. Coping with the loss of a treasured, cherished animal friend is beyond difficult, made even harder sometimes by some relatives’ detachment. I’m a mom of two. A dog and a cat.

Plus, I studied how to write a funeral ceremony, and also how to conduct a funeral ceremony. Of course, this very specialized training is mostly geared towards honouring the life of a human. But not only. This is how specialized my training as a Life-Cycle Celebrant ® is.

Not only do we learn the mechanics of a good celebration of life ceremony, funeral ceremony creation and performance, and how to perfect the art of ceremonial public speaking, we also work on a variety of very specific case studies, including pet funerals.

The life of a pet – as much as the life of a human, is full of anecdotes and stories that will forever live in our heart as a pet parent. I will help you design your pet funeral ceremony so that you can let go of the grief and celebrate the sweet memories.


What Is The Process For Booking Writing Services? Pet Funeral Ceremony Professional Writing


How do I create personal, heartfelt and moving pet funerals for my clients around the world?

First, no question is too small and you can bet on my responsiveness.

I have also developed a streamlined and straightforward onboarding process online so we can start working quick, because more often than not, time is of essence.

Once you have made the decision to gift your cat or your dog the funeral ceremony he or she deserves, and to entrust me with the writing of a truly healing cat or dog funeral, my focus will be 100% on finding the best funeral ideas for your pet, and creating a ceremony that reflects his or her personality.



Tap (or click) this button to book writing services for a pet funeral ceremony (whether it is a cat or dog funeral, or any other pet – all deserve a respectful and proper goodbye), and secure our introductory Zoom Meeting at the date and time that is most convenient to you.

This is when we will meet, and talk about your pet and circumstances – as well as discuss the time frame for completing the ceremony writing and get it to you.

Upon scheduling our Zoom Meeting, a 20% retainer must be paid securely online by credit card, and you will automatically be receiving my service quote + contract by email; kindly review and accept the quote, which will prompt you to then e-sign the service contract. The balance of the fees will be due after our Zoom Meeting, to get the writing started.


What's Next


After our 20-minute introductory Zoom Meeting to discuss the specifics of your pet funeral, and talk about him/her, you will be receiving a follow-up questionnaire from me. I will then use elements of our conversation and responses to the questionnaire to create a ceremony that will help alleviate the grief and celebrate the sweet memories your share with your beloved pet.


Do you have questions I can help figure out?



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Officiating Destination Weddings & Elopements in France ~ Europe
Delivering Ceremony Scripts Worldwide
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