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If you landed on this page, my guess is that you were looking around for some example wording for funeral ceremony or directions on how to master a speech at a funeral.

More than ever before, families are at a loss on how to celebrate and honour a loved one who has passed. Whether you did not have a chance to say goodbye and the ability to have a funeral during the pandemic, or you just lost someone and don’t want to settle for a funeral that feels cold and empty, you are seeking a way to meaningfully honour your loved one’s legacy.

There is no time limit to hold a memorial. You can hold a memorial / funeral ceremony after one year, two years, actually at any time. What matters is that the words spoken reflect who the deceased was, and how he or she will be remembered.


How Do I Get The Wording For A Funeral Ceremony Right? A True Celebration of Life That Is


Coming up with the right wording for a funeral or a memorial ceremony is tough. It can get especially overwhelming when the death is unexpected, and emotions are high. Even more so when you would want to offer the deceased, and the bereaved – a truly beautiful celebration of life, and not just a quickie ceremony.

I know how stressful and overwhelming planning a funeral can be!

That’s why you need me.

While you make all funeral arrangements, I’ll take the ceremony writing part off your shoulders.

Are you dreading the cold and empty funeral? You know, the one that makes you feel disconnected, because it’s so generic. I can help you to say goodbye to your loved one in a way that is meaningful, by writing an uplifting and healing funeral or memorial ceremony. I studied how to write a funeral ceremony, and also how to conduct a funeral ceremony. This means I will put my experience as a Life-Cycle Celebrant ® into this writing work for you, and develop a well-structured, easy-flowing ceremony with all the needed instructions and directions included in the script.

What’s more, the full ceremony script won’t be as overwhelming to deliver for the speaker, because it will focus on your loved one life stories and how he/she will be remembered.

I will create a true celebration of life for your loved one, and insightful storytelling – even on a very short deadline.


What Is The Process For Booking Writing Services? Funeral Ceremony or Memorial Professional Writing


How do I create personal, heartfelt and moving funeral and memorial ceremonies for my clients around the world?

First, no question is too small and you can bet on my responsiveness.

I have also developed a streamlined and straightforward onboarding process online so we can start working quick, because more often than not, time is of essence.

Once you have made the decision to have the ceremony you want without the overwhelm you don’t, and to entrust me with the writing of your loved one funeral or memorial ceremony, my focus will be 100% on his or her life stories– to ensure he or she will get a truly memorable celebration of life.

A good funeral or memorial ceremony has the power to touch, and to heal.



Tap (or click) this button to book a funeral or a memorial ceremony writing services with me now, and secure our introductory Zoom Meeting at the date and time that is most convenient to you.

This is when we will meet, and talk about the honoree – as well as discuss the time frame for completing the ceremony writing and get it to you.

Upon scheduling our Zoom Meeting, a 20% retainer must be paid securely online by credit card, and you will automatically be receiving my service quote + contract by email; kindly review and accept the quote, which will prompt you to then e-sign the service contract. The balance of the fees will be due after our Zoom Meeting, to get the writing started.


What's Next


After our 60-minute introductory Zoom Meeting to discuss the specifics of the funeral, and talk about your loved one, you will be receiving a follow-up questionnaire from me. This is for me to gather all the relevant information about your loved one, and hear or read his or her life stories. I will then use these elements of our conversation and responses to the questionnaire to create a beautiful, and truly memorable celebration of life that has the power to touch, and to heal the mourners.


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Officiating Destination Weddings & Elopements in France ~ Europe
Delivering Ceremony Scripts Worldwide
Weddings and Funerals Writing Services
+33 (0)609860497

Officiating Destination Weddings & Elopements in France ~ Europe
Delivering Ceremony Scripts Worldwide
Weddings and Funerals Writing Services