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Searching a good eulogy example on the web in the vain hope that it will help you come up with one good eulogy speech for a person you loved likely landed you on this page. Why you say? Because good eulogy speeches are like pictures in words; each has a different subject, each has its own, distinctive colors. Each will be framed differently. Sometimes the photographer will be working with the brighter morning light, and sometimes with the softer ray of light that comes at the end of a day. Good eulogies are like pictures, you can’t quite find a eulogy example that will perfectly fit a different person, with different circumstances. There are no two eulogy speeches alike, because your loved one is or was a unique person, with a unique personality and special life stories.


Don't Just Copy A Eulogy Example
Get One Uniquely Crafted
We Call a Good Eulogy a Soul-Sketch


Because it captures one’s essence.

More than ever before, families are at a loss on how to celebrate and honour a loved one who has passed. Whether you did not have a chance to say goodbye and the ability to have a funeral during the pandemic, or you are planning for an upcoming funeral and want to express your love with the right words and give a thoughtful eulogy speech, I am here to help you.

Not sure how to go about writing a eulogy? You’ve got tons of things to say. Or maybe just a few. Emotions are high. One thing you’re certain about, is that you do need help putting your thoughts into words. Someone who will hear and understand the deeper meaning in your stories about your loved one, and will be able to pull out the essence of the deceased in an insightful soul-sketch – that’s how we like to call a good eulogy.


What Is The Process For Booking Writing Services? Professional Eulogy Writing Rather Than Using an Unfitted Eulogy Example


I will create a beautiful tribute for your loved one, one that will touch the ear before it touches everyone’s heart.

I know how stressful and overwhelming making funeral plans can be!

That’s why you need me.

I’ll take charge of writing a eulogy that pictures your loved one in the best possible way. I have developed a streamlined and straightforward onboarding process online so we can start working quick, because more often than not, time is of essence for writing a eulogy.


Worried That You'll Be Too Short Of Time?


I work on short deadlines, and unlike some other eulogy writing services you can find online that have “a team of writers” (aka students who have no experience whatsoever with dealing with loss and grief) I will put my experience as a Funeral Life-Cycle Celebrant ® into this writing work for you, and develop the perfect eulogy speech for you to deliver at the funeral.

With this being said, once you entrust me with the writing of a eulogy for your loved one, my focus will be 100% on creating an insightful soul sketch – to ensure he or she will get the celebration of life he or she deserves, through your voice.  



Tap (or click) this button to book eulogy writing services with me now, and secure our introductory Zoom Meeting at the date and time that is most convenient to you.

This is when we will meet, and talk about the honoree – as well as discuss the time frame for completing the eulogy writing and get it to you.

Upon scheduling our Zoom Meeting, a 20% retainer must be paid securely online by credit card, and you will automatically be receiving my service quote + contract by email; kindly review and accept the quote, which will prompt you to then e-sign the service contract. The balance of the fees will be due after our Zoom Meeting, to get the writing started.


What's Next


After our 30-minute introductory Zoom Meeting to discuss the specifics of the funeral, and talk about your loved one, you will be receiving a follow-up questionnaire from me. This is for me to get a sense of your speaking style, and I will use elements of our conversation and responses to the questionnaire to create a beautiful tribute for your loved one, one that will touch the ear before it touches everyone’s heart.


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